Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fat Cobra: NW 55th and St. Helens/Hwy 30

Merciful Father,

We pray for the closing of Fat Cobra, and we pray that you would replace the business with something that honors you and ministers to the families whose houses are right next door. We pray that you would preserve the innocence of our children, and that Your children would be an example of your unconditional love to the owners of Fat Cobra.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Jefferson Theatre SW 12th and Jefferson

Holy Father,

We pray that you would send Your Light into the Jefferson Theatre. We pray that you would put the desire to flee from darkness into the hearts of those who work and watch there. We believe that You will close this business down and replace it with a beacon of authentic love and hope.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Closed! Red Sea SW 3rd and Stark

We praise You, Most High God for closing Red Sea. We pray that you would continue to guide the former employees and owners of this establishment into obedience to You. We pray that Your grace would uphold them and that You would protect them from the evil one.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Praise Him! A Change at Club Cabos on SE McLoughlin

Redeemer, we thank You that the owners of Club Cabos were led to remove "Dancers" from the advertising on their sign. We pray that You would show them kindness and protect them from the deception of Satan. Illuminate their way out of darkness and show them salvation through Your Son, Jesus Christ.

Adult Video Only SE 181st near Burnside

Heavenly Father, we pray in the name of Jesus Christ that you would ruin the business of Adult Video Only. We leave judgment to You. Help us to speak tenderly and we pray that our words would be sweet salve on bitter hearts.

Closed! Temptations Adult Video SW 3rd and Washington

We praise You, Lord, for causing Temptations to close! We prayed that the Blood of Christ would free this location of bondage and You have moved mightily. We pray that You would protect those who are seeking answers and that they would find You. We pray that they would hear You clearly calling their name.

Fantasy W 15th and Burnside

Heavenly Father, we pray that You would have mercy on those who mock You. Help us to demonstrate how, because of Your precious Son, we can live without condemnation. We pray for a clouding of judgment that will lead to the closure of all Fantasy locations in Portland.

Union Jack's E 9th and Burnside

Great Creator, we want to sow seeds of truth. We pray for broken, fertile hearts to receive Your seed. Help us to soak Union Jacks with the grace of Your Living Waters.

Cabaret Club E 5th and Burnside

Almighty God, we humbly ask that you would cause the Cabaret Club to fail as a business. We want to show Your love to the former employees and operators. We pray for tender hearts as we share our hope in Your Son.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Communal Prayer

This a place to meet and encourage each other in and into prayer. If we trust in the Lord, He will do a mighty work in Portland.

So, I encourage you to pray a humbly to God to deliver our neighbors from evil, to protect the innocent, to have mercy on the wicked, to pray that the lost would put their trust in Christ, and that we would be prepared to receive in love new brothers and sisters in the Kingdom.

You can add your prayer to God on this post if that helps you express your faith, or, if it better suits you, gather with some fellow believers and trust in the Lord to free Portland from the bondage of sexual sin.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Do You Care?

Once God stops hearing from His people that sin bothers us, He allows us to live in the filth that we tolerate.

If you care about the state of Portland's spiritual health, please drop a comment under the comments link below.

Just leaving your first name and what part of town (or the world) you live in would be a blessing to your neighbors.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Praying For the Porn and Sex Industry in Portland

Since November 2004, my church and people from around the country have been praying about the overwhelming amount of pornography, etc. in Portland. As may be apparent from the articles in the recent Willamette Week and any commute for a length longer than 10 blocks, the city
has the highest number of "adult businesses" per capita in the nation.
These establishments are as ubiquitous as corner donut shops are in
some other cities. There are well over 40 strip clubs, bookstores and
"other businesses" for the 2 million of us.

I felt impressed that a prayer map was needed to organize prayer for Portland; I asked my church to pray for
these businesses as we unavoidably pass by them in our daily
activities. Last year, I did a superficial survey of the phone book and came up
with a map (shown below or at ).

As I have been driving and walking by a fraction of these places for
the past year, I have prayed that God would cause the businesses to fail. The good news is this: Location 9 went
out of business almost immediately after we started praying and has
not reopened, Location 3 went out of business last month even though
it was in a high foot traffic downtown location, Location 7 did not go
out of business, but this last week, "Dancers" was removed from the
list of attractions for the bar. I know about these places, not because I have saught them out, but because I
pass by them on a regular basis,. Location 14 was on the news recently: it did not
shut down, but apparently the police broke up a prostitution operation
at the establishment.

The goal in wanting these places to go bankrupt is not because I
despise the people involved with them. I really don't want to see
somebody unemployed, fall short on their rent, or otherwise have their
lives ruined. My prayer is that God would reveal a true, unending
source of satisfaction to the patrons and employees of these
establishments. Where once there were parched and vacant spirits, I
pray that there would be overflowing Living Water and abundant Bread
of Life.

There is a limit to which sex can satisfy the soul. The urge to procreate is a God-given survival instinct and the pleasure of sex is a gift, but so many of us have made an impotent god out of sex. I propose that many of us, both in the church and outside, are enslaved to sex. I can say this with confidence because I am a sinner (though I strive for holiness and know that real spiritual fulfillment can be found in a relationship with Christ).

I believe that people who profess to be Christ-followers have become apathetic toward sin and desensitized by an implied message from
society that says "you're a bigot if you don't tolerate this". I believe that
at some point, God's people in Portland stopped calling on their
Father's name when they saw the things that they knew grieved Him.

Once God stops hearing from His people that sin bothers them, I
believe He often allows us to live with the filth that we can
apparently tolerate.

Parenthetically, the wrong way to respond to the problem is to deny
that these are spiritual issues and try to handle things out of our own human

It is implausible that pushing an agenda of
morality will really be effective in changing society or healing Portland. Referendums, amendments, and petitions may spark conversations, but, the conversations tend to be US VS. THEM- they repel, they lack in humility and exude arrogance. We cannot claim holy highground because we all fall short of perfection.

Obviously, Christians should boycott the sex industry, but going the
political route does not address mankind's need for Christ and it shows our lack of courage in His power.

To those who believe that the second most important commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself, I plead with you to pray that Portland would be released from the bondage of sexual sin. As you pass by these businesses, don't apathetically look the other way. God desires a response of love for your neighbors and
trust in Him to change hearts.